Read about Balamara Resources Limited Environmental and Safety Policy, Corporate Governance and CSR Activities


Environment Protection; Social Acknowledgement and Safety – those three values constitute the key pillars underpinning all of our activities and ways in which we bringing our projects into production.

All of Balamara’s mining assets are designed with respect to all of the environmental norms and regulations. We believe that state-of-the-art mining technologies are capable of mitigating the harmful influence of the mines, providing undisturbed existence of local fauna and flora as well as helping to maintain a valuable biodiversity of mine site areas.

We are sure that mutual, long-term profits for the Investor and Local Society might be achieved only by acting in full agreement and coherency, hence acknowledgement of both local residents and authorities combined with transparency and honesty are key aspects of bringing Balamara’s mining assets into production.

Furthermore, we use our best efforts to meet with every single safety requirement- both in regards to surface deformations as well as mitigation of natural underground hazards for our future miners.

Environmental Policy of Balamara Resources

” (..) In order to achieve our environmental objectives, an Environmental Management System based on ISO14001 is intended to be implemented and performance will be monitored through site inspection and formal project audit protocols (…) “

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Balamara acknowledges environmental heritage and believes in protecting this heritage for the enjoyment of future generations. We view environmental protection as one of our core responsibilities and take care to ensure all activities are undertaken to each of our projects using the best international practice.


At Balamara our first priority is the health and safety of our employees, contractors and the communities in which we operate. Balamara believes that all workplace accidents and injuries are preventable. Our employees actively participate in the identification and elimination of hazards.


Balamara is committed to the highest levels of corporate governance as applicable to a junior resource company, which was until recently listed on the ASX.  Our priority is to ensure our Company is managed to the highest standard along the laws of the various countries in which we operate.

Balamara Resources Limited is not only an Australian mining company involved in Polish coal industry through its three Polish subsidiaries- it is also a team of people who care about the development of local communities by supporting cultural, historical and sport initiatives and events. By the Corporate Social Responsibility policy, our Company wants to get closer to communities living the areas of our projects and to show residents the other side of the business.

So far, the Company has had the pleasure of participating in the following initiatives:

Sawin Area


Nowa Ruda Area